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$75/session, fourth free with                                        monthly sessions. 

     Welcome to the wonderful world of BodyIntuitive! After receiving energetic healing for many years, I was led to this amazing healing modality. I have lovingly supported many children and adults for more than 25 years as an elementary school teacher. I believe my life’s mission, supporting others in search of inner tranquility, great health and peace, is through BodyIntuitive. 

BodyIntuitive bridges classical Chinese Medicine (using acupoints, meridians, and the amazing interconnectedness within our eastern bodies) with 21st century, cutting-edge, science-based Western Medicine (using physical anatomy & function, balancing hormones, clearing areas of inflammation to help with pain, and allowing your body to safely release toxins, emotions and stress). BodyIntuitive is a powerful, intuitive, mind-body medicine that is able to access the reason behind your body’s symptoms and create your very own unique roadmap to healing. 

          "These sessions are so helpful for me! I feel so heard, so supported and so at peace. Thank you                    so much for being someone I can trust and go to knowing I’m in a safe space to be me. "

           "After the session I felt good, peaceful, relaxed and positive. I have recommended you and this                  type of session type to my family!!!"

     Science is showing us how disease and physical and emotional ailments transfer across generations. BodyIntuitive can help heal from previous generations to allow us to be healthy today. It can support our precious future generation to also experience peace and inner tranquility. 

     BodyIntuitive has proven, time and time again, amazing healing shifts and literally transforms lives. BodyIntuitive is definitely ahead of its time.


     “In our work as clinical practitioners and instructors of this system, we’ve witnessed  thousands of people stepping out of chronic health issues, clearly demonstrating to us that this intuitive modality, BodyIntuitive, holds the key to the WHY. And that ability to access the stories behind the symptoms opens the door to profound health transformation and personal growth. For true and long-lasting healing, it’s essential that the detailed story behind the symptoms is observed and resolved. The story behind the symptoms is the roadmap to healing (Dr. Janet Galipo & Dr. Laura Stuve).”


BodyIntuitive founders, Dr. Laura Stuve and Dr. Janet Galipo, have completed thousands of case studies and witnessed incredible transformations from chronic pain, autoimmune disease, heart disease, emotional and psychological pain and other serious health issues. 


I am excited to share BodyIntuitive with you and join you on your healing journey. Please text me at 226-222-1783 or email me at to book an appointment (in-person or online/phone).


Complete confidentiality <3

Fully Vaccinated


Light and Love, 

Peggy Sloan

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