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After years of receiving the transformative power of energetic healing, I felt a calling to extend my knowledge and assist others in their own healing journeys. In August 2015, I took my first step into the world of Reiki by enrolling in a Reiki class. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary, igniting a profound curiosity within me to explore more healing modalities.

Motivated by the incredible therapeutic benefits of Theta Healing, I eagerly delved into numerous courses to become a practitioner in this modality. The profound impact it had on my own well-being only fueled my desire to share its healing properties with others. Access Bars treatments soon captivated my attention, leaving me with a deep appreciation for their ability to bring about a monthly "reset" and clear energetic blockages. I wholeheartedly embraced the practice, eagerly looking forward to engaging in trades with fellow practitioners to ensure my own personal growth and rejuvenation.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to receive healing from exceptional BodyTalk practitioners, and I found myself drawn to the innate wisdom of this modality. The attraction of the new healing modality of BodyIntuitive philosophy, resets and courses, further deepened my intrigue with mind-body connection, as it harmoniously merges Western and Eastern medicine, showcasing the visionary brilliance of its founders, Dr. Laura and Dr. Janet. Becoming a certified BodyIntuitive practitioner has been an immense privilege, filling me with boundless excitement to share this transformative healing modality with others.

My journey thus far has been marked by a deep commitment to nurturing and supporting individuals on their path to vibrant health and inner tranquility. Having lovingly served as an elementary teacher for over 25 years, I feel my life's true calling lies in guiding others towards their own holistic well-being. It is an honor to be able to combine my vast experience, healing knowledge, and compassionate nature to uplift and empower those seeking healing and personal transformation.

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